Frequently Asked Questions.

How long have you been developing apps and websites?

We have been developing apps and websites for more than three years now and have successfully delivered more than 100+ solutions to customers around the world.

Are you working with a team? what are their skills?

We have about 15 people in development and 10 people doing amazing creative design work.

How soon can you start?

We can start as soon as we are done with the initial discussions about the development timeline and pricing. We will allocate the resources to kick off the project once the initial payment is made.

How many developers in your team would be involved in a project?

Normally, a project team will have 1 developer, 1 designer, 1 tester, 1 quality assurance and 1 project manager and we can always assign more developers depending upon the requirements of the project.

How can I test the project during the development process?

For testing out your website, we will provide you with a demo link and for Apps, we will send you the apk file which you can download in your device for testing.

After the project is done, do you stay aboard as a team with your client?

99% times yes, but we do charge a very small hourly fees for the changes and the updates.

Where are you located?

We have a delivery centre based out of Chandigarh, India. We also have a small team of five working in Sydney, Australia.

How long will it take to get a quote?

Usually we take less than one business day after we get all the details. We love to draft a customized proposal along with detailed cost breakdown and timelines.

What time zone do you work in and how often you report the status to your clients?

Our time zone is +5:30 GMT. Our developers work 9-6 pm, 5 days a week, though project managers will be available 7 days a week to report the status of the project. You can always schedule an appointment with the project manager according to your convenience.

Have you used existing graphic design to reduce the cost?

No, if the client does not provide it, then we will always create a new design to make sure it’s unique.

How does the source code get transferred?

We will compress all the source code and the documents and will share with you once the complete payment is made.

What are the website development standards you follow?

Initially the website will be built on www.demoforcronies.com using the most currently available version of the WordPress.
We always make sure that the CSS files are well documented, organized in a logical order and clearly broken into sections. QA test the sites for the following browsers IE9+, Firefox 31+, Chrome 40+, Safari 7+
We use the default responsiveness provided by the bootstrap until and unless specific PSD files are not provided for the responsive views. We set the default payment gateway Paypal and Pay with Cheque.
Lastly, the website will be migrated to client’s server once complete payment has been made. We will require validated FTP credentials for the same.